Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Mania!

So, I have to confess...I sent the kids home sugared up, but at least with our schedule, we had recess at the end of the day, so I told them to run it all off! (One student actually took me a little too literally and came up to me huffing and puffing and said he wasn't sure if the sugar was gone, but he couldn't run anymore!).

I had to share our cute activities we did...some original, some Pinterest/blog-inspired! I will try to give credit where it's due, but please forgive me if I can't! :) Here is a link to my "Valentine's Day" Pinterest board, in case you're interested in downloading or seeing the activities in more detail!

Our day started with Math, and the students were grouped into 2s or 3s and they had 7 stations to rotate through. We covered the topics of: estimation, data/graphing, patterns, addition with numbers to 50, and counting money.

Students counted the letters on their conversation hearts and graphed the results (I can't remember where I got this from, but thanks!)

Thanks to "F is for First Grade" for the great idea for the heart boxes! (I LOVE these from Dollar Tree!)

My own idea :) Estimation Station (Valentine's Edition)....items are from the Target Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree, as well as my own various collections (this is a free download on my TpT store).

Candy Heart graphing (by color)...an old AIMS activity I've done for years....

Candy Heart Math (students use ten frames to help them add up to 50)...another original idea available FREE from my TpT store:

Probability Station....thanks to First Grade Parade for the cute sheet!

Pattern Palooza....students used foam pieces to create patterns that were designated on the sheet (another freebie from my TpT store).

After giving a little love to Abraham Lincoln for our Famous Americans unit, we continued by creating our own Valentine creatures for our bags, then passed out Valentines/candy, and tried to see how many words we could make out of "Happy Valentine's Day."

I know this is a long post, but I just have to share some of their cute creatures! These were inspired by Second Grade Sugar and Spice :)

Hah hah...can you tell which ones are girls and which ones are boys? :)

All in all, a great day! I even included a little Fact/Opinion activity and ABC order during our reading groups (both from a 2008 edition of Mailbox for Feb/March).

Hope your day was just as fun! :)


Tammy said...

Looks like fun. I sent mine home with lots of sugar in their systems too!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Emily said...

Wow! Your day looks like it was jam packed with fun! Love your centers! Mine did really well in my TPT shop. I used those little heart shaped boxes too..and now I'm humming Nirvana again. =)

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

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