Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Sales!

What a weekend coming up!

First, the groundhog will (hopefully) NOT see his shadow, and we'll have an early Spring!  We're at the point that we used up our 10 days, and now we have to add on to the end of the school year (our days are lengthening by 20 minutes starting Monday) if we miss any more days. Boo hiss!

Then, of course, we have the other part of "Super Sunday."  My husband's in heaven because 1) UVA has a game that day and 2) coverage for the BIG game starts at 11am!  Yikes!  I mean, how many times can we analyze what these teams have done in one season?  Sorry, I'm not the biggest football fan!

Our first "Super Sale" comes from Teacher's Notebook.  My store is 40% off EVERYTHING and of course, they'll give you an extra 10% on top of that, as well as a special sweepstakes!  Gotta love it!


If you're not a Teacher's Notebook shopper, you can head over to Teachers Pay Teachers!  I found this linkup here for awesome resources marked just $1!

With the sale, here are some of my items that are marked at 80 cents!

Billy and the Magic String

 Button Button....Identifying Attributes

 Candy Cane Counting:  Place Value to Tens and Hundreds

 Clink Clank...What's In My Bank?

I'm also hooking up with Enriching Kinders to promote our sale on TpT on our ENTIRE stores for 20% off!  Being second grade, I have students that benefit from Kindergarten and first grade materials, so I'm always on the lookout! Definitely check her out on Instagram - she always has the coolest ideas!

Here are some of her awesome products!

 I Have, Who Has? Dino Numbers 0-20

 Arctic Tallies Pack
Be sure to check out the sales!  Click on any of the pictures to take you to the stores!  Please be sure to show the love and become a follower! :)  Happy shopping!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time and Money Review

If there's one thing Math Investigations does NOT cover well, it's time and money.  Last year, I did a whole separate unit on those two subjects, because I was worried about waiting until the end of the year to combine it with Unit 9 Measurement. 

Well, with our snow days this year (we're out again on Wednesday), I'm worried that we may not even have time for that!  So, I created two centers that dealt with time and money. 

I have a mix of students in my class, from students with special needs, ESL students, students who are on grade level, and advanced students.  Everything I make, I try to create a variety so that a student isn't frustrated nor bored.

So, today, I decided to create "clip cards" after seeing something similar on Pinterest that was definitely higher than 2nd grade!  If I'm not too busy copying and laminating everything tomorrow :) I might create one for sentences and punctuation!  (Also, I have "homophones" on the to do list since some of my students still think these are rhyming words!).

I thought they turned out pretty well.  I mean, I have to do something to support my clip art habit, right? ;)

Click on the pics below to take you to Teachers Pay Teachers or if you're a Teachers Notebook kinda person, click {here} for Time and {here} for Money.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day Freebie!

Well, I wasn't sure if they called out schools a little too early, but finally it's actually looking like snow!!!  Not that I'm complaining.  I mean, I told my friend the other day if it was going to be this cold, we needed snow!  Guess I got my wish! (Even though, believe it or not, it was 50 degrees yesterday - winter in Virginia!).

So, I was thinking I haven't posted a "blog only" freebie in a while.  So, I thought I'd share one of my review games I was making for my kids!  I still have several that have trouble with their basic facts, and my kids love dice games, so I did a making 10, 20, and 25 cents ('cause who doesn't need money review?).  I'm also working on a money recognition game or worksheet for my ESL student that I hope to either edit and add to the post later, or will add in another post.  Until then, enjoy your freebie and thanks for following me! :)  Click {here} to get your dice games!

Freebie Fridays

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Confessions of a Clip Art Junkie

I have a confession.

I am addicted to clip art.  (Or is it clipart?  I am never quite sure!).

It's sad, but true.  I have a huge folder that is filled with clip art.  I try my best to use every piece, but sometimes I just buy it because it's on sale or it's too cute and a great price, etc.  It's almost as bad as my container addiction (which keeps me out of Dollar Tree - my husband got tired of the argument that it was only $1!).  Sooo....I have so many pieces of clip art (and yes, I download every free one that's in the teacher stores newsletters!) that some, I actually forget I have and haven't used it!

Also, is it taboo to use it again after you used it once?  

So, wanting some almost forgotten (but not quite) pieces of clip art to feel some love, I looked through the files to find something I could use for comparing numbers (a skill some of my students have difficulty with).

Ninjas.  Ya gotta love them!  How could I have not used this before???? (I ask myself this every time!).  Click on the title picture for TpT and {here} for Teacher's Notebook.

Then, knowing my 2nd grade readers are struggling with cause/effect, I decided to use fairy tales to make a game/practice for them.  I mean, who doesn't know fairy tales?  I figured this way, we weren't reading AND reviewing at the same time.  (I'm also going to use the "If You Give A" books as well).  Looking through my vast folders, did I find any fairy tales?  Two.  Rather, one and a half, since one was mostly princess (and that group is boy-heavy).  

Sooo....yep, you guessed it.  Had to go and look for more.  The good news is I found a new clip art vendor!  Bad news - it just fed my addiction more!  Yikes!  *Sigh*  Is there a 12-step program?  Click on the title page for TpT and {here} for Teacher's Notebook.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Google Fail? Freebie Alert!

Okay, now that I have your attention :)

So, I have a Ukrainian student who was adopted by one of my family's this Fall and he started after Thanksgiving.  Love him - great personality, loves to learn and explore new things!  However, I never realized the huge difference between his language and ours!  Watching a video about their number and alphabet system, I have the utmost sympathy and admiration in his and his brothers' acquisition of our language!  Have you ever tried to pronounce it?  It gives my student giggles since I cannot wrap my tongue around some of the words he tries to teach me!

Orally, he's really picking up English fast.  However, during our Writing time, after my other students are busy with a prompt or activity, I pull him aside and work with letters and numbers.  He's more interested in math and numbers right now (I can imagine it's a little less intimidating), so we've made our way through the teens and are ready to keep moving.

I had this great set of trace and write and count numbers from (love that site!), but I couldn't find any sets above 20!  That's where the Google fail (gasp) comes in.  Don't get me wrong.  LOVE Google!  How did we survive without it?  However, after an image search, as well as several ESL sites, I couldn't find what I needed.  Boo hiss

So, spent most of the afternoon creating my own set!  I'd rather keep the consistency with him with what we've been doing already and didn't simply want a tracing sheet.

So, 35 pages (and many hours) later, it's done.  Whew!  I am sharing it as a FREEBIE since I figured 1) I hadn't posted a freebie for awhile and 2) not sure how many more will get a use out of it besides my student!  (However, I do have some other students who might benefit from it).

So, here it on the title pic below to go to TpT or for Teacher's Notebook click {here}.

So, a quick update:  my student LOVES these pages!  He didn't want to stop and kept asking for "more".  So cute. :)  I decided to link this up to Freebie Fridays so I can share this with others with struggling students!

Freebie Fridays

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Productive Day!

Well, other than the distraction of free preview weekend on the satellite AND the fact that our 2 hour delay went to closed due to ice, it was a pretty productive day!  

Thinking of some of the upcoming math topics, as well as ones we need to review, I came up with two seasonal fun activities!

Click on the title pics to check it out at my TpT store, or click Groundhog or Valentine for my TN links!