Monday, February 6, 2012

100th Day of School!

Thanks to that lovely rattle and shake that we had back in August, our 100th day (normally in January) was celebrated today, February 6th! (Whew! Barely recovered from Groundhog's Day!). The kids started their day by entering our room in a very special way!
My daughter is "modeling" a special t-shirt made by my best friend, Valerie (Enriching Kinders), which turned out super cute! Take a closer look! (I know mine would not have turned out this great!).

Last week's homework (since it was a 3-day week due to teacher workday/staff development) was to gather 100 of something to bring to school. We still have a few more to collect:After resource, which my students have first thing, we began our day with special Math centers that focused around 100 and patterns (our current unit of study).

Center 1: Students created strips of 10 with stickers. Groups tried to work together to make 10 strips of 10 to equal 100. I was impressed so many wanted to make patterns on their strips!
Center 2: Estimation Station (students had to guess whether it was more or less than 100)

Center 3: How Many Ways Can We Make 100? (I split the paper into four sections, one for each group) Students worked together to draw pictures, skip count, tally marks, etc. to equal 100.
Center 4: Pattern Bracelets (we discussed if we could fit 100 on our pipe cleaner...they had fun estimating, but of course, we found only about 80-some beads would fit on our pipe cleaner so we could twist it together). The students loved showing off their bracelets and patterns to each other!
Then our day continued with think/group/share on 100 things we've learned so far this year (each group used sticky notes for their ideas).

Then we created creatures and pictures from the numbers "100". The kids had a blast with this!

Some of my favorites....a key......
a creature (I thought it was a giraffe, but my student looked at me funny when I said that!).....
and doughnuts (with a bite on the fork) and a "straw" in the grape drink. I had a LOT of monster trucks as well!
The kids had a great day! I was bummed we didn't get to our "100 years old" pictures (although we might do what it's like when we're 101 or 102!) and a few other minor activities I saw on Pinterest, but we'll live. :) All in all, it was a fantastic celebration, and my students were still buzzing about it as they boarded the buses this afternoon! Thanks to my many inspirations through Pinterest! I have a board labeled "100th Day Celebration," so feel free to check it out! There were so many fantastic ideas, I'd have to spend a week to get them all in! :)


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