Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Help Needed!

In our school, we have this great Reading Rotation where students are rotated through a Reading Lab, Title 1, and a classroom teacher. There are times (when the planets align just right) that you don't have ANY students in your room unless they are the 5-7 students in your group! How amazing is that!!!

At first, I was reluctant to give up my assistant during that time (they are the ones teaching Reading Lab), but I have seen SUCH results in the past two years we've done this! Last year, I taught mostly above students who had no need for Title 1 or Reading Lab, so I pulled out my reading centers and we were a noisy, but happy group! This rotation, I am teaching more below level students and this is the first time I've had no one in my room except my group. Let me tell you, not to have to constantly glance over and make sure the other kiddos are behaving...amazing!!!

So, whew, now that I have explained all that (and would be more than happy to explain in more detail in another post or email!).......here is my dilemma.

Students are grouped according to level and sometimes we do end up with those who are not our homeroom students. This being said, with this latest rotation of students, I am having some difficulty with Word Study and in particular.....(drum roll) LONG VOWELS!

Now, the students who were with me before, we did a lot of games and centers around this subject, so they are getting it. It's my 5-7 students scattered throughout my three groups that simply have no clue. When they are sorting their words, they are even putting words like "smile" under the header "whale"! Obviously a lack of focus is part of the problem! :) Normally, we focus on one vowel a week, but this is the week where we are reviewing a/i.

So, did a search for free items through TpT (in a serious budget crunch right now!), but just curious...what has worked for your students? While I can go back and revisit the games I did before, I'm afraid my ones who ARE getting it will be bored with a "we did this before" attitude. Just looking for a fresh, new approach!

Looking for any and all suggestions! A HEARTFELT THANKS in advance!!!!!!!!!


Amy said...

I would love to learn more about how you run your reading block, especially how you do groupings, and what grade levels are involved. If you could email me I would be very appreciative!

Jen Sykes (Hello Mrs. Sykes) said...

I was a literacy specialist for 9 years before going back into the classroom, and I agree that long vowels are sooooooooooooo difficult for 2nd graders! They spend heaps of time learning the short vowels, but the long vowels are pretty tricky. Developmentally, they still need the "word family" approach for a while. I've created many games over the years for long vowel practice, and I'm *slowly* adding them on my TPT store. They are on sale through today, and some of them might be good as a game to play in small groups. This one is great for many long vowel families: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Long-Vowel-Word-Family-Game, since it has them saying and hearing the long vowels. It might be helpful. :)

Hello Mrs Sykes

Mrs. Youel said...

Thanks Jen! :) I'm going to check them out now! I'm wondering if picture sorts might do well for them as well....there are a few pictures in with our sorts, and they are having trouble with those as well :(

I've been trying to emphasize "silent e" for awhile with them. Another thing I forgot to mention is my personal class watches "The Electric Company" every Friday and I create centers to go with the concepts that episode. Hmm...it makes me wonder (since I'm the only teacher to do this) if having this exposure has helped my kids out as well, since there seems to be a bigger gap between them and the ones from outside the classroom. While they don't necessarily emphasize long vowel sound, they do have quite a few videos/activities around "silent e" as well as word families.
Part of the level before this one (Level E/Letter Name) emphasized word families.

I'll keep plugging away! :)

Mrs. Youel said...

Amy--I will type up a synopsis (so I can stay focused on it! LOL) and email it to you, hopefully tonight, if the Internet gods are with me! :) I also might put a post on here b/c it has made me a BIG believer in the rotation!

Jen Sykes (Hello Mrs. Sykes) said...

Picture sorts are a fabulous way to help them see and hear the different sounds the vowels make! :) I'm working on a set of magic e word games tonight, so I'll have that on TPT soon...ish. ;)

Hello Mrs Sykes

meadowt said...

If you have the book Words Thier Way, it is great. It has pitures and words for students to sort. BTW, love your blog, I am your newest follower and thanks for stopping my blog.

Mrs. Youel said...

I do have Words Their Way...thanks! Sometimes I feel like I have too many resources, I forget the ones that get buried :) I thought of some great spontaneous type ideas while meeting with groups today (I swear, that's how I get some of my best ideas...that and the shower!)....will share in a post later! I'm finding one of the biggest culprits is also they don't pay attention to silent e!

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