Friday, February 17, 2012

Linky Party: How You Met :)

Okay, so Chrissy B. (cool name by the way!) is having a linky party over on her blog, Buzzing with Ms.'ll have to check it out. :) I have an interesting story in how I met my (now) husband of almost 12 years.

Let's see....okay, so it was waaay back in 2000 :) and I was working my second year at a rural elementary school and living outside Richmond VA in a one-bedroom first "real place" besides the home I had grown up in! My best friend at the time, Kathy, and I were waay into the local hockey scene at the time (alas, we are now sorely lacking a team), and if I wasn't at the game with her and her hubby, I was exploring this new computer I had bought and surfing the 'net with (hee hee) Compuserve. Anyone remember that? Kind of poor man's AOL.

Anyway, used to spend some time in the chat rooms (a bad habit I picked up from some of my friends in college) and found a group that was around my age that we just joked around, etc. It was cool - we were from all over, and I loved the fact that we were friends. Great thing about the Internet - no one cares what you look like, what you're wearing, or how ugly your hand-me-down sofa is! (mine was 70s plaid, but I LOVED it--sooo comfortable and you had to, honestly, roll out of it to get up!).

Anyway, so I would hang with my Internet buddies and one night, got to talking to this one guy and he mentioned coming to Richmond to a hockey game. Let me say, flashing lights and buzzers went off---I was sooo freaked out when I found out he only was 30 minutes away from me! Did I mentioned I liked the fact that everyone was from all over????

So, after chatting for awhile, I decided we could friends....for a hockey game, with Kathy and her hub in tow. Went to the game (and I had actually gotten into type thing, by the way, and so far, I had been 0-3) and...........he didn't show up. Well, he did, we just missed each other.

Soooo....we tried again. Don't ask me why. Maybe it was gut feeling, maybe it was guilt :) This time, I decided to (gasp) give him directions to my apartment, and he showed up like a plaid lumberjack, complete with beard. We made it to the hockey game, my friend's hub at one point leaned over (who was like an older brother to me) and said "he's good--keep this one."

Let's just say....the meet up became a date, then became an engagement in March, a wedding in July.....what can I say? We didn't want to live apart for another year, and here we are almost 12 years later with an 11 and 5 year old. He cuts out my laminating and puts up with the fact that I am totally obsessed with teaching and stay waaay too late each night, and I respect that he's a drummer, a golfer (gasp), and has a bad habit of letting things pile up (okay, I'll admit it, me too!).

Here's a pick of the loves of my life (yes, I'm camera shy and usually the photographer!)

So, that's my looong story! Hope you found it interesting! Be sure to link up with Ms. B! :) Gosh, and I just invited my mom to look at my blog! LOL I can hear her now....what does this have to do with teaching??? :)


Emily said...

Adorable story!

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

Lori said...

Fun story! I'm your newest follower :)
Conversations in Literacy

Mrs. Youel said...

Thanks for following Lori! I'm now following yours as well :)

Ms. Chrissy B said...

That's neat! I met my hunny online too (as you know lol). That's a great story!
Thanks for linking up!
Buzzing with Ms. B

Keri said...

I like plaid! Couches, jackets...whatevs...plaid is your story!


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