Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is It Dedication....or Just Craziness?

Okay, so yesterday I woke up with a tickle in my throat. No big deal. Everyone around me is coughing (husband, kids, students) so I figured it would be coming sooner or later. By the end of Monday, I could tell I was a little hoarse, but I've never completely lost my voice before, so no biggie. A good night's sleep and I'd be okay. :)

Okay, enter Tuesday morning. No voice. NONE! Any other professional (okay, well, maybe not telemarketers) that would be okay. Teaching? Hmm....not so good! If you're anything like me, you drag your sick little keister into school usually because of those darned sub plans (5 pages people!!!). I mean, I have to get up and go, type the thing up, set things out...if I'm there, I might as well stay, right?

So today, no voice. Shaking my head in disgust, I did a half day (afternoon) and went to the doctor (our schedule today only had me teaching 1 hour this morning, so it worked out well!!!). Strep test negative, but throat very swollen. Got some meds and hoping they'll help, although the voice is NOT returning! (and how many times can my little second graders ask me what's wrong with my voice and expect me to answer???).

So, here is where the craziness comes in.....with my visit to the doc, I went by the dollar store and got.........a megaphone. You know, one of those little plastic ones (my daughter has already claimed the pom poms that came with them!). I almost came close to getting a noise maker as well, but figured that'd be a LITTLE extreme....I can flick the lights for that :)

Okay, so am I nuts? No voice (well, the croaky thing, but that's not really a voice when it hardly goes above a whisper) and using a megaphone tomorrow.

I'm already thinking of how I can use one of my students as a puppet to say what I need....ooh, or how about me writing on a dry erase board what I'm thinking....push that extra reading into math!

Yep, I think I've gone beyond dedication into looney land. :)

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Tammy said...

Sorry to hear about the voice. Hopefully the little ones will be extra lovely for you. :)


Mrs. Youel said...

Thanks Tammy! It helps to have the collab. class this year, so I have a little extra help in my room. :) Unfortunately, the voice has not come back and with this weird 80 degree day we had today, they were a little crazy :) However, for the most part, they've been very patient and I've noticed some listening skills improving!!! :)

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