Friday, September 12, 2014

Constitution Day

Gosh, it's been more than a month since I've blogged!  My new life as a media specialist has really taken up a lot of my time and my blog, Instagram, and Facebook have been neglected. :(  However, I'm still here and kicking!

I wanted to take time and say 1) I'm still alive! and 2) share with you some things I've created for Constitution Day.  I can't wait to show you some of my library, but that might have to wait until later this weekend.  It's going to be a crazy week next week with 3 days of being out (minor surgery), so lesson plans are kinda priority.

So, let me share with you what I just created for Constitution Day, which is next Wednesday, September 17!

Since I teach PreK-5, plus 3 autism classes, in the library, a lot of my "new" creations might have a bit of a stretch of levels.  Not to worry - a lot of the activities can be used for K-5 interchangeably (well, at least 2-5 for some).

So, with my grades K-3, I am sharing this read aloud:
Love this book!  Then, each of the grades (with the exclusion of Kindergarten - they will get a coloring sheet) will get a printable book and my second and third graders will have word searches, secret codes, and glyphs to choose from during checkout (I place activities on the tables so that after students check out, they have centers to really helps with behavior, especially when some of my groups are 35 kids!).

For 4th and 5th grades, we're going to look at We the Kids, as well as one of my favorites....

We'll talk about how the changing government had a need for a strong government.  Students will also look at the wiki page I created for grades 3-5 "Secondary Foxes", and look at (my favorite) Schoolhouse Rock and a video from the ACLU.  During checkout, their centers will be the word search, secret code, and glyph.

It's been interesting this year, not being in the classroom.  The pace is much more rushed and there is absolutely no "down time" (I miss the quiet spell I could take when kids were practicing handwriting!).  However, I love my new position and hope to have some breathing time to share what I've done, as well as some things I've created for the library, soon!

Until then, thanks for hanging in there with me!  Oh, whoops - almost forgot to share the packet!  Click on the title pic below for more information!