Sunday, November 25, 2012

Place Value and a Freebie! :)

I would love to say today's freebie was my own lil' idea....but I cannot (and unfortunately, I cannot give her credit, since it's not on her sheet!).  However, I can say that I improved on a GREAT idea! :)

In second grade, we build numbers to the hundreds.  I had this great little center that dealt with rolling tens and ones, building them with base 10 blocks, and then identifying each tens and ones place.  My kids really enjoyed it!  Soooo....along comes my design (and I must say, I don't know how the original creator made those boxes, but they were very time consuming!), students are rolling, building, drawing, and writing to 100s! :)
Pick it up {here} as Freebie #9 (!) for my (almost) 100 followers on Google Drive.  Hope you're able to use it in your class! :)


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