Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 2 of Celebration

Okay, still stuck at 98 as of this post...but here is Day 2 of freebies! :)  Maybe by Day 10 I'll have 100??? :)

Listening to the melodious tones of The Voice (I just love Terry!!!), I created a singular/plural sort for my students using that cute Fall cat theme I mentioned.  My kids did a really cute pirate-themed sort today....and then bombed out on the sheet (long story short + one major headache - my kids thought they had to write everything straight across and did NOT pay attention to my directions, nor the ones on the sheet!).  So, I wanted to give them another go and voila, a new center was born!

I gave in and had them match up the singular AND plural of 6 pairs...but I made it a bit more tricky...not every card HAS a match, and there are 7 matches, but they must pick 6.  Okay, not so tricky but at least it makes them think (or as one of my students observed today with their sort....there were two pages and if she cut everything out in order, it was a pattern!  Proud of her for observing the pattern, but I mixed mine up a bit more!).

Go ahead and for Day 2, pick it up at Google Drive {here}.  Hope you enjoy!


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