Monday, November 19, 2012

Enough turkeys! Bring on the Pilgrims!

Okay, so I realized that most of my Thanksgiving activities are turkey-based.  We make turkey calls and study the information from the National Wild Turkey Federation.  We do turkey math fact craftivities.  We even have a turkey glyph that goes with one of my favorite books, 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving!

So, today, I gave a little wave to the turkeys, telling them to sit back for awhile and let the Pilgrims take the spotlight.  I found this cute hat clipart from The Enlightened Elephant on TpT as a freebie and voila!  A center was born!

So, for #5 FREEBIE for my (almost) 100 followers....something that is for sale in my teacher stores (but for you, my loyal followers, it is absolutely free!)....I present "Wearing a Lot of Different Hats!  Related Facts Featuring the Pilgrims!"
Click on the picture to take you to Google Drive to check it out.  Even if you can't use it this year (and I actually plan on using it AFTER Thanksgiving, since my students are just starting related facts), save it in your file for next year! :)


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