Sunday, April 29, 2012

Would you like to try a Prefix? How about a Suffix?

I must admit, I've been enjoying teaching this to my kids this year!  It's always good when you can make something boring fun!  :)  Besides creating "unmuffins" and matching aliens to their spaceships (from an earlier post, available on my Teacher's Notebook and TpT stores) which the kids LOVED, we created an anchor chart 

and "springed" up our grammar tree outside the room.
 The students were given the center of the flower with a prefix or suffix and a template for flower petals.  They then had to use words (written on the petal) that used the prefix or suffix (I made my kids do one of each).  I'm adding the extras to our literacy centers so we can fill up the bush a bit more! :)

 I hadn't anticipated adding a bush, but I really didn't want to take my rainbow down from St. Pat's Day and it couldn't just end mid-wall.  That, and I had requests from a PreK teacher and the PT across the hall (who has her kids park the trike at the rainbow or at the tree) to not remove it!  I very heartily agreed!  It does add a nice splash of color to the hallway! :) 

I also add magnetic alphabet letters to my whiteboard to use during our unit.  It helps the kids remember what each one means when we add it to a word.  

I did the same with the suffixes on the right side of the board.  The students had fun writing words on the board and moving the letters to make new words!

Next week, we'll end our unit with a Grammar Adventure and a game of Scoot before our assessment.  (I wanted to add pics here, but long story short...the links take you to my TN store, where they are CHEAP through April 30th!).

I have to admit...I'll miss our activities, but have great ideas for our upcoming reference materials unit.  Here's a peek at one of my scavenger hunt ideas, available now on TpT and Teacher's Notebook.

Don't forget!  All my activities on Teacher's Notebook are half price until April 30th to celebrate my new store!  Please grab an unmuffin, alien, Grammar Adventure, or Scoot if you like what you see! ;)


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