Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prefix and Suffix Games

I always try to take a creative spin in subject areas that are either difficult or (gasp) boring to my kiddos. Unfortunately, prefixes and suffixes fall into both categories with mine. Over the past years, I've added alphabet magnets and add that prefix (or suffix) to the board after we talk about it. Students can then use the letters to add to words they write on the board, etc. Simple enough and can be reused each year (I had to buy several packs of these to have enough vowels, especially "e").

This year, being a more "pinteresting" teacher, as well as inspired by all those that teacher blog and create activities for TpT and TN, I've created two games I think my kids will like!

The first one is inspired by our Friday viewing of The Electric Company. We stream it from the website, and then I always create (or find) centers to go with each episode. If you haven't checked it out, you should! This week, I decided to do "Unmuffins" because it covered the prefix "un." So, that inspired me to create my own version of "unmuffins" as a center (which also includes pre, re, mis, and dis).

Sooo...what to do with suffixes? I was trying to think of things that go and worms, sandwich slices....and boom! I created a Suffix Alien Invasion (covering y, ly, er, est, ful, less). I thought it turned out really cute!

Both of these are available on TpT if you click on the pictures. I'm planning on using both in my classroom this week as we return from Spring Break (I am NOT looking forward to waking up at the crack of dawn tomorrow!). I'll let you know how my kids rate the centers! I can see my boys really enjoying the aliens (although one will complain its not zombies...but oh well, can't please everyone!).

Till then, if you're like me, returning from Spring Break, good luck to you! I hope you are well rested, your kids are "spongy" and ready to learn, and things don't get too hectic! :)


Lori said...

Learning those prefixes and suffixes are so important! Thanks for sharing! Cute!
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