Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grand Opening!

I'm so excited! I opened up my shop on "Teacher's Notebook." I've been debating on doing this, since I see a lot of bloggy teachers have both shops listed. I've discovered some definite pros and cons for both sites. I LOVE that Teacher's Notebook gives you 100% of the sales for a one-time fee, as well as has the sale directly deposited to your Paypal account. However, I find that Teachers Pay Teachers seems to be more popular and is much easier (and faster) to upload items than Teacher's Notebook.

Either way, I'm just so excited to have my shop "Everyday Adventures," that I'm throwing a "Grand Opening Sale!" EVERYTHING in my Teacher's Notebook store is 50% off! While I do have the same items listed on my TpT store for the same price, they are half off at Teacher's Notebook, so please go check it out! (Have I mentioned they're half price?) I have only uploaded 12 items (one free) so far, but I plan on doing more! I have included some of my more popular items, as well as my newest ones.

The sale runs until April 30th, so as I upload more items (and yes, I am developing more Scoot kids can't get enough!), they'll also be included in the sale!

Click on the link below and hope you see something you can use! :)


Sara S. said...

Just found your blog! Congrats on opening your TN store! I have both too and I agree with you. I like getting all the profits on TN but i get a lot more action in my TpT store. Good luck!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Patty Rutenbar said...

Just found your blog. Good luck and thanks for sharing your talents.


Second In Line

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