Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Centers

I didn't go whole hog into Spring Centers this time, just because we had a field trip scheduled for that Friday. However, we celebrated a bit on Thursday, so I wanted to share what we did!

First, my team put together an egg hunt that was a review for Science and History. Students had a numbered sheet, 1-20, and had to work in partners and find each egg, read the slip inside, write the answer on their sheet, and put the egg back.

I don't know why...maybe it was the excitement, the fullish moon, the field trip the next day...but my students had the worst time putting the eggs back where they found them! Some would be holding clues in their hand, with no idea where the egg was! The bad thing was, we were FIRST! We finally got it all settled and taken care of but...whew!

Since it was our math time, we came in and did our usual math rotation, except with a twist. We usually do a group/independent/center rotation (the center this year being with my assistant, who does different activities with the students....when students finish their independent work at their seat, they have time for centers...each rotation is 30 minutes or so).

With my assistant, they created bookmarks with fun foam spring stickers (Dollar Tree!) and had to write on the back the fraction of what each item was (to emphasize parts of a set!). With me, they had two activities: Estimation Station and a fraction activity using spring erasers (also from Dollar Tree!). I've included them both here, and you can also click on them and find them as a free download on TpT!

So, know Easter's over, but if you'd like to use them after break or for next year ;) feel free! The kids had a lot of fun with them! It was a fun way to review fractions....I' m also going to be posting my fraction centers on TpT that we're going to use on Monday to ease us back in from a week off!
If you'd like a free copy of the fraction centers, be one of the first three to comment and leave your email address!

The emphasis is on recognizing fractions, determining the denominator and numerator, and being able to represent fractions! Included are 4 different games that use fraction tiles, fraction dice, cubes/colored blocks, two-colored chips and a "graffiti wall." If you don't have those manipulatives, I've either included a link to a free download, or provided them in the packet.


Jill said...

Hi! I love your ideas that go with the greedy Apostrophe, thanks for sharing. I am planning to use them next week. thanks again. I hope your day is wonderful.


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