Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life Cycles, Fractions, and Rounding...Oh My!

I have posted some different activities/games on Teachers Pay Teachers....I'm pretty proud of them! My class is sooo into Scoot, I find myself going and making new Scoot games for review in math, as well as branching out into our current Science unit! I try to make them versatile for every teacher, including cards up to 30 for those larger classes. My students are too cute...they are even requesting "Scoot" for reading! (One of my students even demonstrated during reading groups how we could do it!) I think my "to do" list for Spring Break is growing! :)

So, let me show off what I've done so far....click on any of the pictures to see more details.
Fraction Action includes suggestions for games to use the cards with, including recognition of fractions and equivalent fractions! I am so excited to have a set of cards to be able to use for different games in my classroom, as well as being an extra set of flash cards!

You don't have to have the book to use this activity (but I find it's usually available in any school library or in a buddy's classroom...Pat Hutchins is VERY popular!).

Be sure to check them out on my TpT store! Right now, I have them priced CHEAP! Next up will be a Fact/Opinion Scoot and a Telling Time to the Nearest Five Minutes Scoot (as soon as I can get them done!).

Oh, quick question....I'm thinking of expanding into a"Teacher's Notebook" store. For a one-time fee of $19.95, you get 100% of your profits (minus any Paypal fees). Do any of you have a Teacher's Notebook store? How well does it do? I think TpT is more popular, but it sounds like Teacher's Notebook is friendlier. Just curious if anyone knows a difference or has a preference? Thanks so much for the input!!!!


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Love what you've been up to...WOW!!

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