Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's That? A Habitat!

I am super excited to upload my first BIG unit to my Teachers Pay Teachers store! We are working on habitats, and this is the culmination of last year and this year's work! Included are two powerpoints, photographs (copyright friendly!), a center, two projects: one for in-school, the other can either be home or also in-school (with oral presentation and rubric), activity cards, and a list of websites that I have found to be most useful (and fun!) when teaching this unit! I wanted to add more but it made even the zipped file too big (and I wasn't sure if I could "sell" videos that I've downloaded, even if they are copyright friendly).

These resources can be utilized in any way you'd like....and it makes it easy to differentiate between kiddos as well as grades, so I listed it from first through sixth! I hope it does well. I put a lot of time and work "polishing it up" so I could put a price tag on it. I have so far sold 8 items on TpT and made a whopping $3.00 after commission, but hey, figure that's $3 more than I had! ;) It would be nice to have the extra $ to help repair the house since we're still not quite fixed from the earthquake :( We ALMOST had floor back in our dining room (besides sub floor) but wouldn't you know...the door we had to special order (due to odd size in our house) was ordered back to the waiting game. Boo hiss! :(

Anyway, enough about our corner of our house that reminds me of "Hoarders" (LOL), here is a "sneak preview".....


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