Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rounding Fun

I've been meaning to post my "rounding hill" I created for my kids this year. Having the collaborative class, I try to make as many concepts "visual" for my students as possible! I am a big fan of the "rounding hill" and decided I'd take it one step further this year. Now, my students know I'm not an artist, but I was pleased with how my little car turned out! Well, at least they recognized it was a car, and maybe that's what I was proud of! :)

I LOVE having my kids use dry erase markers....I feel like it saves so much on paper, so yes, this is in a page protector so my kids can write on it then erase. That way, instead of making 20 copies of a worksheet, I can make 7. (We also have a copy limit, so it helps that as well!). Granted, I do buy several boxes of page protectors (after awhile, they get smudgy, and I need to replace them, or I decide to keep the pages in the protector for the following year). My hundreds charts, for example, stay in a page protector all year long so my kids can mark them up as needed!

Anyway, here it is in action:

Sorry for the reflection....but you get the idea. The hardest thing for my kiddos, of course, is to determine what tens to put in each box, but most have really caught on to the concept this year quickly (I only have 4 that are really struggling still!), and I'd LOVE to say it's due to my mats. :) 

Okay...and as one reader pointed out, yes I know that 63 rounds to 60....not sure why I put the arrow to the other side other than doing it too quick :)  My brain's not always so "fresh" after school when I usually do these posts!

I hand-drew them, but it didn't take that long to whip out 7 of them, and they now join the ranks of my "math helpers" with the hundreds charts, number lines, counting manipulatives, and base 10 blocks! I know it's an old idea that's been out there for awhile, but my kids (especially my boys) caught on more to the car concept than a ball rolling down the hill that I've used in the past. Isn't it funny how we seem to change our approach each year to concepts?

I also have two rounding games available on my TpT store as with a cute fish/octopus theme, the other with a basketball sure to check them out! :)


Tammy said...

Visual is such a great cue, isn't it? :)

❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Traci said...

Great visual. Good idea.
Dragonflies in First

luckeyfrog said...

So glad you found my blog through the linky party! I love this visual for rounding and can't wait to use it in my room! Thanks for sharing, and for the follow!

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