Saturday, March 10, 2012

Teachers Helping Teachers

Kreative in Kinder has started a link-up with how we can help the teachers whose schools were devastated in the recent tornadoes. Please be sure to head over to her blog and post a comment if you'd like to help out! How to help out? Opening up your TpT/Teacher's Notebooks stores to these teachers, sending them resources, having your children write letters of support...anything you can think of!

I know when our school system suffered the earthquake (which destroyed one elementary and our only high school) last August, the outpouring was amazing! I'd love to have my students pass this love on!

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Mrs. Poland said...

How has the recovery been in your area? Is there anything specific that you know we can do to help?

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Mrs. Youel said...

Our theme this year, as a county, has been "shaken, but our spirits aren't broken" and it's pretty much been that! We had an outpouring of response through Donors Choose, local businesses, and local districts. It's been awesome! Fortunately, my school (which has only been open 2 years) suffered only cosmetic damage, but we did have our high school and an elementary school (1 of 4) severely damaged and will have to be rebuilt. Currently, they are in trailers (the high school on the old parking lot, the elementary on another elementary's grounds).

As of right now, not sure if we need anything, or at least not like the schools affected by the tornado....but I can always put you in touch with the elementary or high school if you'd like! THANKS so much for asking, though! Who would've thought we would've had an earthquake in Virginia!!!! That DEFINITELY came out of the blue and we were VERY unprepared! We're still having aftershocks, but things are finally getting fixed and having FEMA finally approved for the county really helped!

I feel like my kids will know how these others are feeling, having been through a disaster themselves, and it will good for them to offer support and encouragement, even if it's just in the form of letters and supplies!


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