Friday, March 30, 2012

Anchor Charts!

So, I wasn't able to accomplish too much this week to brag about in pictures since I wasn't here :( However, I was able to use my workday to create some much needed anchor charts (including finishing one my sub didn't seem to quite complete on homophones!). I thought I'd share:

Fractions: I wanted my students to remember the reason why we have a numerator and denominator, as well as a fraction being equal parts. I was worried it would look too boring, but a few "dashed" boxes, and I thought it turned out pretty cute!

Plants: We're beginning Life Cycles this week, but have already discussed plants and animals with plant products and seasonal changes, so this will be a quick review of plant parts (notice the smaller life cycle on the side?). I'm not much of an artist (as you can tell by the flower's lower petals), but it wasn't too bad.

Homophones: Not earth-shatteringly spectacular, but it'll help those of my kiddos who are still earning their badge for the Grammar Police, Homophone Division!

I just realized I should have done one for Fossils! While not a huge part of our habitat unit, the students have to know that due to the study of fossils, scientists can learn more about plants and animals and early habitats. We're making fossils on Monday with shells and clay (postponed from this past week), so hmmm, maybe that'll be my next one. If it turns out cute, I'll be sure to post it! :)


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