Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Finds at the Dollar Tree!

Okay, so I am totally addicted to the Dollar Tree! Since I was taking my daughter to the doctor, and we were a bit early, I popped in today and grabbed a few things. Some are Pinterest inspired ideas (puzzle), but others are me standing in front of the display, going hmmm.....I know there's SOMETHING cute I can do with this! :)

So, I thought I'd share! The shamrocks are getting harder to find, but I'm sure other places (Michael's, Ben Franklin, Walmart, etc.) might also have some. The puzzles they seem to always carry, and I LOVE the deal on these eggs! These are the small eggs (I think there were 18 or 24 in a package). I also grabbed a few more Easter things, but haven't "done them up" yet. I promise to post when I do!

I'm also posting the worksheet I'm accompanying with the shamrocks to be used as one of my math centers on Friday the 16th!
At some point, I will put it on Google Docs and share, but haven't had good luck lately with that (it tells me it can't share at the time). Either that, or I'll post on my TpT store (it's done in Publisher so I need to wait to get to school, convert it to PDF, and upload it!). Or, you can just click on the picture and open it up in Microsoft Photo Viewer and print from there!

Place Value (3 digit) Shamrocks

A Pinterest-Inspired Idea: Using puzzles to match up homophones

Rounding Eggs (students match the colors and round the numbers to the nearest 10)

I hope you're able to become "inspired"......I seem to be going a little nutty lately with creating centers (my husband's like...again???), but I've decided that if I get it, I need to make it either that night or the next day (I have too many things sitting around and then seem to create them last minute!).


Jen Sykes (Hello Mrs. Sykes) said...

Super cute ideas! I'm your newest follower. :)

Hello Mrs Sykes

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