Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hop On Over to the Easter Sale!

I'm jumping on the bandwagon with other TpT sellers and hosting an Easter Sale!  My entire store will be 20% off Sunday and Monday.  I'm also linking up with Teaching Momster for a sale linky, so you can see which stores are participating!

Some of my newest products, you've seen in my previous posts.  However, I've been busy this Spring Break and have added a few more!

I've added a Reference Bundle to join with my "Virginia SOL Map Skills" bundle.  Some of the items included in the reference bundle are:
There's also "Underwater ABC Order", "Using An Atlas", "How Do You Web?", and "Dictionary Detective."  The set is $5.00 for right now (a total value of $8.00), but as I add to it, the price will go up.  This would be an excellent buy now because you'd get it on sale, plus anything I add to it will be a free download for you!  I saw another buyer do this idea, and thought how cool the idea was!  I plan on doing a few more bundles as well!

I've also added a packet for this set of books here:
I at first ordered them from Scholastic a long time ago, thinking I'd use them for fluency readers.  I've since moved on from that thinking and decided how great they would go in one of my centers about vowels or word building!  I did a similar single sheet for the Star Wars set, but will revise that and add it to my store when I'm finished (that might be on my summer to do list!).  Students not only word hunt, but there is a comprehension component to each story as well.  Who doesn't love Scooby? :)

A few of my favorites:
So, happy shopping and be sure to check out Teaching Momster's link up! 


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