Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Special Bundle for VA Teachers

Wow, twice in a week - can you tell I'm on Spring Break? :)

Being on the outside of the Common Core seems to have its advantages and disadvantages.  Granted, Virginia claims they are aligned (and some like to tout that it was the basis for common core), but there is a LOT out there that is created for Common Core, which sometimes makes it hard when you don't teach multiplication in second grade or you teach Egypt and China in second and Mali in third!

So, on that note, I decided, based on feedback I've been getting at my stores, to bundle some Virginia products and add on savings to it as well!  This is my first attempt at the bundle:

Virginia SOL Map Skills Bundle!  For $6.00, you get:

All About Maps printable book ($1.00)
 Animal "I Spy" ($2.00) - I love this set and my kids had a blast finding the lost animals!
 Geography Visual Vocabulary Cards (in color and in black and white for $2.00)
 "Taking a Trip Around the World:  Mapping the U.S. and World Features (Virginia edition for $3.00)

As well as my "SCOOT:  Virginia Map Skills" (not pictured) that retails for $2.00.

That's a savings of $4.00 when you purchase the bundle, instead of buying them separately!  

The best thing about the bundles?  Once you buy it, even if I update it and add more to it, it will still be yours to download at no added cost.  I saw someone else offer that deal and thought what a great idea that was!  Trust me - I am definitely NOT finished yet and each year I seem to get a different group with different needs, so I sometimes feel I need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.  My pickiness is your advantage! :)

So, I hope to bundle some other themes as well.  If you have a suggestion, please either leave a comment below or email me at!  I'd love to be able to bundle some other items for savings as well, not just for Virginia teachers!  


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