Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snow? What Snow?

Typical Virginia weather - after being snowed in for several days, the temps yesterday and today were in the 60s!!!  Granted, we'll have a nice muddy playground tomorrow (ick!), but at least there won't be any snowball fights :)

So, I spent the last day of my unintentional 5 day Winter Break finishing up an idea that came to me one morning, as I am preparing to work on my prefix/suffix unit.

It's called the "Great Movie MixUp" and features adorable clipart from my favorite, and also the zombies from Creative Clips.  

 The actors, crew, and equipment has gotten mixed up! Students must re-sort and decide which go to what movie, meanwhile putting together base words with prefixes and suffixes.  I chose 8 to focus on (that didn't include spelling changes, since students will need to pick 3 to record from each movie set):  pre, re, un, mis, dis, ful, y, and less.

Movies include zombie, cowboy, space/aliens, detective, monster, sea life, pirate, and airplanes!  I incorporated a lot of "likes" from my kiddos this year (I have one that is NUTS for pirates!).  I thought about including some more licensed characters, but figured I wanted this to be "timeless" and "classic."

I thought it turned out cute!  If you click on the title picture, it'll take you to TpT or {here} for Teacher's Notebook!


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