Monday, March 25, 2013

Egg Hunt Freebie

So, we are beginning our unit on maps and YIKES Easter is so stinkin' early this year, I decided to combine the two.

Since we are on another *sigh* S-word day, I've been mostly doing...well, nothing pertaining to school.  Shame on me! Slept in, spent some time giggling over funny stuff on Pinterest, playing with the kids, and reading an actual ADULT book (guilty pleasure!).  The "oh crap, wasted most of the day when I could've been catching up on what's in my schoolbag" hit me this evening. :(

So, I wanted to share with you the brainstorm I got for my lack of attention to the calendar/holidays, since you know, we JUST celebrated St. Pat's Day and I never got a letter out to my parents requesting eggs.

I stopped by Walmart and grabbed some of the large eggs for my kids.

Each of my students has a number for mailbox purposes and for my sanity - it makes it much easier to find out whose paper is missing!  So, I plan on numbering the eggs and handing each one of my kiddos a map of the room and instructions on how to find their egg (which I will be diligently hiding during lunch).  I even created a post sheet for those that find their eggs first, where they have to practice using the cardinal directions.

I intentionally left the map and cards blank.  I'm waiting to go in my room and actually mark off how many steps east, west, etc.  I also wanted to draw the map - or have the option of the kids actually drawing the map and coming up with their own symbols - when I was in my classroom.  I just don't trust my memory lately. :(

I just love these bunnies from!  So, if you'd like to borrow the idea, click {here} to take you to Google Drive, where it's a PDF.  

I'm off to complete another idea, this one inspired by Pinterest and have my students follow directions using habitat maps and plastic animals. Promise I'll share it when finished! :)


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