Monday, March 4, 2013

Currently and a Meerkat

First up, March Currently with Farley

Everything is self explanatory....Busch Gardens Williamsburg is about an hour and half drive for us and every year, we have season tickets.  Soooo worth the money!  I love going opening day since they always theme something around St. Patrick's Day in Ireland.  My kids (12 and 6) are also huge fans.  It just makes a great afmily outing!

The three "c's".......
I really enjoy creating things for my class.  I love to see their faces light up when they see familiar characters or just have fun with something I made! ;)  Gives you a big ego boost!  

Casino....bad word, I know.  Especially since we're doing "Dave Ramsey" system and trying to pay off debt.  I almost put that under "wanting," but refrained.  Joked (sort of) with my husband about going with the emergency fund and doubling it - hah!  I can't help it - I was raised on the horse track by my grandad!  They just make slots waaay too much fun! :) 

Crappy attitudes - 'nuff said.  I don't mind listening to people vent - I've done my fair share as well.  But sometimes, though, just DO something about it!  Don't be so negative about everything or eventually, there will be no one to vent to! :(

So...past the negative....on to meerkats! :)

I LOVE this book.  Well, honestly, I love ANYTHING about meerkats! (Oh how I miss you Meerkat Manor and the Whiskers clan!).  This was a Virgina Choice Reader's Selection several years ago.  I'm using it, along with the Ike LaRue series, to teach friendly letters.

My students will be creating postcards (shortened friendly letters - we'll discuss the differences) after reading the book from Sunny to her family if she decides to go on another trip, or from one of the places she went to during the book.  I decided to just be lazy go cheap and use 4x6 index cards with lines on one side and blank side for the picture.  This is such a FANTASTIC book because it actually has postcards in there for you to flip and read.  Too cute! ;)

My other favorite books to use with friendly letters are Ike LaRue by Mark Teague.  These are funny, but also teach friendly letter format.  I love using books to teach concepts, so when I can, I'll fit them in! :) 

One last thought - if you haven't linked up to Fifth in the Middle's "Where Ya'll From?" linky, do so!  It's great to find neighboring bloggers!  I know here in VA, we aren't Common Core, but we do have the SOLs to lament over! :)


Breezy Brie said...

I love the post card idea! And I am also totally looking forward to spring break.

Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

mrsjanellebush said...

I am so needing and wanting a Spring Break too! We may have a possible snow day tomorrow. (fingers crossed!) I love listening to Pandora when my students are gone. It helps me unwind from the day. I am your newest follower. Please come by my blog and follow me too!
Mrs. Janelle Bush

The Babbling Box said...

Love your postcard activity, already thinking of ways we could create postcards on the computers. I also love listening to music in the classroom as well, can't lie but I definitely was playing 'Call Me Maybe' by 8th period in hopes of changing our attitudes.

The Babbling Box!

Kathy O. said...

Great ideas!! You seem like a great teacher!! I'm your newest follower!!

Kathy O.
Third Grade Doodles

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