Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting a Little Lost With Maps

Well, kinda.  Just trying to plan out my Geography unit, taking in consideration one of my kiddos will be missing half the week AND we have a (potential) wintry mix on the horizon....soooo....should she miss learning the standards on places (continents/oceans/Great Lakes/rivers/mountains) or map skills?

Normally, I would just plug on, but this particular sweetie, she's special.  She struggles with concepts and since it doesn't quite matter what order I teach it in, I'm trying to think what she would have a harder idea grasping.  She's MUCH better with the concrete, so I figured I'd go with the map skills first.

So, I am getting a little lost with my Pinterest page and what I have so far...and of course, have been inspired to make a few different activities in lieu of the season - an easter egg hunt where they have to use map skills - and looking at the clock ticking away....YIKES!

Also, wondering why I have to rewrite things each year.  With each class.  Oh wait, that's right - with each class.  Do you have classes like that?  My lovely ones this year would not be able to quite handle what my former kiddos have accomplished.  Sad, but true.

Know what's even scarier?  ONLY TWO MONTHS OF SCHOOL LEFT!  Okay, the child in me is happy, but the teacher side is doing some major flinching - maybe even an eye twitch!

Taking deep breath.  Okay.

Anywho, hopefully later in the week I will post some of the ideas I've created/borrowed, and share!

In thanks for reading my ramblings, wanted to highlight a few new blogs I've found that have some awesome ideas!  Please go check them out if you haven't already! :)  Also, be looking for a "Spring Break/Easter" sale coming soon to both my teacher shops! Never mind - decided to start it on Monday for you early Breakers!  Hope you can find something you can use!!!  
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