Friday, October 5, 2012

The Natives are Restless.....and Surrounded by BUGS???

Well, in a sense...yes.  This was a busy week for us!  We've begun our study on Native Americans and we had the Outreach program from Jamestown come and talk to our students about Powhatan Indians on Tuesday.  This is such a fabulous program and costs $1.25 per student.  It's great...they bring it to YOU and your school!  I know that the Virginia Living Museum does similar programs, for those of us in good ol' VA.  I'm sure other museums around the country do the same.  I just LOVE Outreach programs! :)

Of course, then, Thursday was READ FOR THE RECORD!  We've been "ladybugging" it all week long using, so my students were very familiar with Lulu and her bug squad!  The students school-wide were invited to dress like bugs for the day!   We had a special assembly that morning with a skit.  Our school has a "reading rap" that we all then sang at the end.

Our team then (thanks to the help of one of our 'mates who is a "football coach wife") invited the high school football team to come over that afternoon and help make the day a bit buggier by creating ladybug cupcakes!  We had our parents send in ingredients and it was funny...each teacher's was slightly different.  I also had my students make a ladybug and write about what bug squad member they would be and what would be their superpower!  All in all, a good week!  

I posted my activities with the Ladybug Girl on TpT...the "Bug Squad" one is a freebie, so be sure to download it! (The paper came from the "Bumblebee Boy" book packet!).

Whew!  Next week I hope is a little less "active."  Let's just say that red dye + football players = loss of control in the classroom!  At least we have the weekend to recover! :)


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