Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's a bird, it's a's a SUPER SENTENCE!

Last year, (if you've been following me), you know I had a SMART table in my classroom. LOVED IT!  BEGGED TO GET IT BACK!  However, I've been told they won't see the light of a classroom until the table tops are fixed.  Don't know if it was a recall or what.  I miss my ol' table...especially the hours I spent creating programs for it!

So, I'm back to square one.  In our second grade rooms, we've all been gifted with a SMARTboard.  I do appreciate it - I really do!  I know we're lucky!  It's just hard to get reaquainted.  I miss the fact that for the table, I just plugged it in, put a flashdrive in and voila!  Now I have to deal with hooking the wires up, orienting the board, etc.  Not to mention creating programs in Notebook.  

So, here's my first "dive in and do it" project.  We are studying adjectives and learning to add details to our sentences. So, I created "Super Sentences:  Using Adjectives and Adverbs."  

I introduced it to my class the other day.  We had a blast dragging adjectives to describe the dog.  I didn't want to go into adverbs right now, so we skipped that page and went to the chart, where we could use adjectives to describe a given noun and give it an action (we've already studied nouns and verbs).  

I would normally have the students write the sentences, but I realized part way through the lesson - I forgot to orient the board!  So things were a little "off"....which amused my students greatly!  However, they each got a turn to use the marker when they went up and underlined and circled adjectives and nouns after we had written our sentences.

Of course, did I have my camera, ready to snap shots?  Of course not.  :(  Ah well.  I made the activity so that we could revisit it each week and all year, if necessary!

If you would like to check it out, I have a free preview on TpT which you can access by clicking {here}.  I hope to have my camera at the ready next time (not to mention the board aligned!).  Until then, happy almost weekend! :) 


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