Friday, September 7, 2012

The Electric Company!!!!!

If you've read my blog before, you know how valuable I think this resource is!  This year, my class consists of all but 4 below grade level in reading.  In previous years, its always been a mix, but last year, I decided to take my weekly viewing of this PBS updated classic and bring it up a few notches by creating centers to go along with each episode.

You see, each episode has a theme, story, and phonics it focuses on.  While I planned out most of the episodes last year, I am finding I am already having to revamp this year.  For one, the SMART table I had last year has yet to show up in my room (boo hiss!).  So, even though I created some great programs using it, it doesn't do much good this year.  Also, last winter I was just "discovering" the world of blogging, Pinterest, and TpT.  As with any project, as I progressed throughout the year, it just kept getting better and better.  So, now I'm going back and revising things.

So, what's all this mean besides free advertisement for PBS? (like it needs it for teachers!).  I have FINALLY put together 2 packets for 2 episodes I am proud to actually put up there for sale!  Well, one is ready....I am still tweaking the other one.

The great thing?  Even if you don't watch The Electric Company in your classroom (I recommend it for readers in grade 2 and above...I think "Between the Lions" is great for K and 1), you can still use these packets!  For example, Episode 122 "Madame President" we did this week?  It covers "mp/mb" as well as the vowel digraph "aw."  Let me tell you - there isn't much out there, activity-wise that hits just those concepts without throwing other digraphs or concepts in.  So, I hope you'll check out my packets, available on both TpT {here}and TN {here}.  Keep in mind my readers range from PrePrimer to 2nd grade, so I had to really try to make sure it wasn't too hard/too easy.  Here's a sneak peek:


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