Monday, September 3, 2012

Currently and Eric Carle

Okay, so this week in our Basal we are reading The Mixed-Up Chameleon.  Technically, its the first story but I held off, thinking I wanted to do a big author study on Eric Carle.  Okay, so now it's a four day week and I'm doing it.  Sigh.  If you do Harcourt Trophies, you'll understand this next part.  

We actually do guided Reading groups, so I use the basal on Mondays to introduce a new story and vocabulary each week.  My focus wall is well, focused on this story and vocab for the week.  In their homework, they are working with the vocabulary as well.  In this way, even my lowest readers are being exposed to second grade skills because of course, the standards are soooo friendly towards kids not reading on grade level, right???  (yeah, that was sarcasm).  I do find some useful phonics/phonemic awareness tips in the teacher manual (remember at college how they said to NEVER use the teacher manual???  I finally opened mine a few years ago and thought hmm..these aren't some bad ideas!).  Also, when I have higher readers, its great to use the books that come with the series in our "Reading Comp" literacy center, complete with activities (you can check this out on one of my wiki pages which is all about my reading focus wall!).

Anywho, I have put off doing ol' Eric because I wanted to plan something spectacular. This summer, I even devoted a Pinterest board to him.  It was going to be a bang-up, blow-out type of unit!  

Well, life gets in the way (doesn't it always) and so, I borrowed some Eric Carle books from a Kindergarten teacher friend of mine (because I have maybe two!) and came up with some read-aloud activities to do with each one.

Oh, and have I mentioned how in our schedule this year, just by moving our lunch time, it messes up the whole day?????  If Math runs over, there goes my read-aloud time because after lunch, its full speed ahead with writing, content, and reading!  So, I also had to do things that would either a) relate to a GREAT conversation, but maybe not too time consuming or b) could be incorporated with writing.

Okay, so here is my Eric Carle read aloud activities.  I wanted to include one of my faves, The Very Quiet Cricket, but alas, my book is broke and my head is out of ideas.

If you're interested, email me for a copy.  I'm going to throw it up on TpT and TN, but for those of you reading the post, just comment below with your email and I'll send you a free copy! :)  

Sorry...Pandora's playing pretty slow, depressing songs no matter what station I'm hitting, so I'm a little bummed...that and my lovely three days "I'll get so much work done this weekend!" is coming to an end with a still-unfinished to-do list.  Sigh.

So, on that note, let's try to cheer up the post a bit (besides the freebie) with Farley's September Currently.  I love the blog posts that are like "really?  It's really September??" over to the side.  Hah hah.  Feel the same, and we're going into fourth week of school (yikes! Interims!).

Okay, just to explain a few (I always try to fit it in the frame...mine never looks as cute as others!).  Internet:  the wildblue people say its because things are trying to update....and the fact that we have too many devices that use Internet! My solution? Turn the router off when we're not home/at night.  We have 15G a month for satellite internet.  Here's hoping things get better when it comes back on Sept. 11!
Favorites:  the iPod touch I haven't had as much time as I'd like to play with it, but we were funded for it through Donors Choose!  Woo hoo!  I'm going to try to get a few more through a PTA grant so that I can use it with more than one student at a time! Haven't introduced it to them yet, but it's coming soon!  Think reading groups would be best.

Sleeping in this past weekend...'nuff said :)

Another favorite:  our PTA  is hosting a yard sale (we live out here in the yard sales can be hard to find) and I have a TON OF STUFF to get rid of!  I'm hoping it'll make our house look less cluttered as well as the garage...not sure if that'll happen, but maybe make a few bucks off of it as well! (to pay for my daughter's birthday party!).

As for Maggie's birthday party...I have kinda sorta planned it.  Fortunately I don't have to clean the house for it...we're using our church's fellowship hall (good thing since it's the day after the yard sale!).  We're doing a cupcake themed know, decorate your own cupcakes, etc.  Found some cute ideas and started a board on Pinterest if you're interested.

Okay, well, don't forget the rule of 3!  I'm off to do that and then get back to work since I told my husband I'd be back by 2...whoops! :)



Natalie said...

I love me some invention ever! Good luck on planning your daughter's birthday party!

Teachery Tidbits

Alyce said...

I love Eric Carle. I would love to see what you have created!

Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

Brittany Kielar said...

I completely understand your reading story woes! I use Harcourt Trophies and am reading The Mixed-Up Chaneleon. I love Eric Carle and was trying to think of some ways to incorporate more if his books! This would be so helpful to use. I would live to read more about how you do Harcourt Reading. I will definitely be checking out your focus wall.


gail said...

Me too, I made beaded chameleons using uv beads. I am going to have the kids try them out outside to see them change colors. They sell them on amazon. the pattern I found online by googling beaded chameleon patterns. I can't wait to see your activities!

Kathy said...

Always looking for new writing ideas and focus on Eric Carle would be good fun! His work appeals to a wide range of ages. I'm a Brwon bear fan myself. the grand kdis love that one. Hungry cterpillar fits nice into my science unit too.

Kathy said...

oops! I'd love to have the Eric Carle unit but I must be blind. I can't find an e-mail link for you. :(

Mrs. Youel said...

Kathy, you can email me at'll see if I can find a way to put up a link to the side (good idea!).

:) Chrissy

love2teach2nd said...

Better late than never...I would love to see your Eric Carle unit.

StephM said...

I would love to see your Eric Carle unit. I have been trying to end our school year with a fun author study! Thanks!

717e9838-1c1b-11e3-8d1c-000bcdcb5194 said...

Could you send me the Eric Carle? Would love to see what you did with it!

E Hoselton said...

Would love to see what you did with your Eric Carle study? Am planning a small book study. Thanks

Betsy said...

Love Eric Carle! Looking for ideas for my seconds to do with his books. I'd appreciate seeing your unit! Thanks.

kiwiblu216 said...

Would you share your unit? I always do an Eric Carle unit at the end of the year!

Esther Iritia said...

I would like to work Eric Carle. ¿Would you mind sending me a copy? Thanks. nice work

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