Sunday, May 20, 2012

Everything Graduation and Awards PK-2 Linky Party

I'm linking up with Enriching Kinders to throw a linky party AND giveaway!  Please be sure to go visit her blog and link up!  We're also doing 3 giveaways, including one of her fabulous math packs (zoo animals!!!), my Life Cycle Scoot/Life Cycles pack, and a $10 TpT certificate! 

So, the purpose behind it?  Our school system kind of threw us for a loop and told us that instead of doing grade level graduation/awards ceremonies, we are doing individual ones.  In our classroom.  Yikes!  I may have to break into the school on Memorial Day and do some serious cleaning!!!! (see previous post...while not my desk, it's VERY similar!).  Anyway, looking for some ideas on what YOU do for graduation/awards....sing special songs?  Serve punch and cookies?  Make up awards for every student?  Do a little song and dance?

I've seen some great awards out there people are throwing on TpT for free, which THANK YOU to those that have!  However, we're expected to have 30-45 minutes of a presentation for, you can see why I keep babbling on about this. :)  Am I the only one with stage fright in front of parents?  I mean, I SING to my students (and trust me, this can be scary!), but it makes me nervous being in front of so many parents!  So, please be sure to do the following:

1.  Visit Enriching Kinders and grab her graphic
2.  Blog about what you do
3.  Link back up on her site
4.  Please be sure to leave a comment for the drawing! :)


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LOVE your blog! Just awarded you the Lovely Blog Award on my blog. Come check it out!

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