Saturday, May 12, 2012

Celebrating Our Mummies

We had a fun-filled week with finishing our Egypt studies as well as creating gifts for Mother's Day!  It was a bit tricky since we had our field trip on Thursday, and I was to be out Friday, so everything had to be done Monday-Wednesday.  It was tough, but we managed to fit it all in!

On Monday, we created mummies.  These were created from doll pins (craft store, like Michaels), gauze, markers, and (if not self-sticking gauze), a little tape.  

As you can see, students put a lot of thought into their mummies!

So, then, we moved on to a different sort of mummy...our own!  I have to admit, they're all Pinterest-inspired and are on my "Mother's Day" Pinterest board, if you're interested in checking them out! 

Students created flowers from pipe cleaners....I fudged a bit on this.  Number one, I could NOT get my flower to look like the one in the picture on my board....I mean, I'm not very crafty, but this was a LOT harder than I thought it would be! So, I gave my kids simple directions on how to wrap the stem around the 6 pipe cleaners, then told them to get creative.  I was sooo glad I did this -- what they did was AMAZING!!  

I also used cardstock/scrapbook paper for students to write 8 things they loved about their mothers, and we combined them with a ring.  They completed two sheets about their mom, then they decorated a bag.  I put a sample in below.  

The kids were VERY excited to take these home on Wednesday, and I'm sure some moms got some GREAT surprises!  It was very sweet to read how much my kiddos love their real "mummies"!  
Hope you have a great Mother's Day for all the moms/aunts/grandmas/....and heck, TEACHERS, because as my kids told me "Shouldn't we make YOU something for Mother's Day, Mrs. Youel?"  Yep, I have 18 more kids, I realized, because aren't we really moms as well as teachers???


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