Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Marshmallow Incident

Being in the library, I start to discover books that I didn't really know existed.  Granted, I have a summer reading list a mile long from all the interesting chapter books my older kids checked out.  However, my picture books are just as interesting!  Whether it's finding interesting ones by shelving, looking them up in Destiny.....I had to learn early on I couldn't teach everything! :)

One that I found I was unfamiliar with was Judi Barrett's The Marshmallow Incident.  This is the same author as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Pickles to Pittsburgh, so I thought it would be interesting to look at when I found it on the shelf.

The follow up activity actually came about because I needed an activity for my sub that week.  Since it was a Friday, we weren't checking out books (we repeat groups on Friday we've already seen during the week), so my sub needed something that would keep the kids engaged - not too hard, but not easily finished in 10 minutes!

So, I created a packet to go along with the story.  It's a great story, by the way, and you could actually use it with older students and pair it up with The Sneetches or The Peanut Butter Battle Book, both by Dr. Seuss.  It talks about how silly things can get when we disagree on things and don't respect others' differences.  I actually might use it as a companion book with my fifth graders next year when they study World War II and see if they can make a connection!

I thought the kids would enjoy the packet, and they did.  Some of it is kind of easy, but still fun to do (tracing a left hand and a right me, it goes with the story), but some made them think a little, like sequencing parts and drawing scenes.  All in all, I got a great report from my sub, as well as a thumbs up from the kids when I returned!

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If you're interested in seeing more, check it out {here} at TPT.  I'm more than happy to highlight a "lesser known" book and hope you can find it and use it with your students as well!


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