Monday, June 29, 2015

Legos in the Library

We had our first summer in the library series with "Legos in the Library."  Competing with local VBS, vacations, and working families, I was pleased with the turnout of 12 kids and 6 adults.  All that attended had fun and said they wanted to come back for our Secret Agent/Spy Day in the Library which is coming up this week.  Our last 2 sessions will be a superhero theme and a Minecraft theme.

Not knowing how many to expect the first session, I went ahead and copied 30-50 of each activity just so I'd have enough.  It was set up as a "come in and play" type activity - no read aloud, no set schedule of anything.  I had come in the day before to set up and had activities scattered among my 9 tables.

Seven of the tables I had set out containers of miscellaneous Legos (I do have 3 sets of "educational legos" from an old grant) and challenge cards.  I had my son's 2 huge containers of misc. Legos set out on the floor where you see the boys playing.

Another table, I had copied Lego masks and had set out twine, scissors, and crayons.  

Some of my moms liked this activity as well.

 On another table, I had the "Create Your Own Mini-Fig" sheets copied, along with several crayon boxes.

One family had a great time with the Lego Challenge cards, and created a garden!

So, even though the turn out wasn't huge, everyone who came had a lot of fun and the moms commented on how much they liked the "break up" in the summer.  It had been hot and rainy, and it gave some of the kids (and moms) time to get together and create.

My "Spy Day" is this Wednesday.  I tried to vary my days each session to help out with babysitting and work schedules.  Speaking of which, I need to go set up!  If you'd like the copies to the Lego activities above, they are not mine, but you can find them on my Pinterest Lego board.  


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