Friday, February 14, 2014

Word Study Fun!

It's been an interesting day.

First, we're buried under 10 or so inches with more that fell tonight, so not sure exactly how much more we got.  I'm sure "up north" you're thinking it's nothing.  However, maybe 2-3 inches at a time is usually what happens during our winter time.  So, this is definitely a "blizzard" to us in central Virginia!

So, even though school's out for tomorrow as well, I helped my daughter finish up her Valentine's box and special Valentine treats (with an Olaf theme - anyone want to build a snowman?).  Tomorrow, we hit the biggest two projects - her "Famous American" (she's going to go a different route and do Dr. Seuss!) and her bedroom.  Guess which one is the biggest job???

So, two down, two to go.  Tonight, for some reason, my mind's been on Word Study.  (That's our version of spelling).  My second grade level readers are working on short and long vowels and "bossy r" (r-controlled) vowels.  The way our reading block works, anyone below grade level in Reading has 30 minutes with the teacher, then either 30 minutes of Title I, 30 minutes of Reading Lab, or Read Well, which is an intervention program.  Those that are on grade level or above have their 30 minutes of direct instruction with the teacher and then 1 hour of independent time.  In my room, that consists of completing reading response and word study activities and literacy centers.

I'm always looking for something different and fun for my kiddos to do, especially the group that I have in my room for the entire hour and a half (my other 2 groups are below grade level).  Recently, I've discovered "Write the Room" and "Read the Room" which I originally thought were for Kindergarteners.  I thought, why not my kids?  They love games like SCOOT, where they can get up and move around!  

So, after creating some "different" word study activities than the usual sorts, I also created 2 "write the room" activities for those readers.  Please click on the pictures to check them out!

As for the Word Study games, I created a template for a word search (my kids love creating these, but they've only used graph paper, which takes awhile!), hangman, tic tac toe, and the money below (since we reeeeaaaallllly need to work on counting money!).  Click on the picture for this FREEBIE! :)

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