Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grrrreater Than/Less Than (and other math ideas)

Am I the only teacher who has file folders stuffed with worksheets from previous math texts, Mailbox printables, and assorted worksheets?

Well, in preparing for my unit where we cover place value, comparing numbers, inequalities, money, and rounding (say all that in one breath!) in, oh, 21 days or less (thanks snow!), I pulled out my stuffed file and stared at the massive collection that's piled up after 5 years of teaching second grade.  

I personally don't want to be the death of an entire forest when I want a little from this worksheet, and a little from that one.  A light came on, and I realized - why not make my own?  I mean, I'd rather NOT copy about 12 sheets about comparing numbers (because honestly, how many times do we pull out the whiteboards and markers and practice?).  So, tah dah!  I put them together in a cute little polar bear (because I love cutesy clip art pages!) themed sheet that covered each of the concepts I wanted off those 12 sheets!  I did separate 2-digit and 3-digit pages because some of my kiddos need to move a little slower than others.

Check it out!  If you'd like a copy, just click on it to take you to Google Drive.

I also came across a goodie I created last year (sad you don't think about them till you open the folder!).  I am always so boy heavy that I remember looking for anything "boyish" for clip art to motivate some of my, er, less than motivated boys!

I also created this "Battle for the Empire" for Place Value that my group this year (even the girls) went nuts over!  We played this on Friday and it's already in their "B" center for next week by popular demand!  (Good thing my Olympic-themed centers I have are good for a couple weeks!).

For inequality, I went cheap but practical with an idea I found and tweaked on Pinterest last year.  My husband said they're going to lock up these cards one of these days when they see a teacher coming!  I also created a "bird brain" center - aren't they cute?
popsicle sticks, paint card...students match up to make the number sentence true (threw an inequality as well)

As for Rounding, I found this great support last year that soooo helped my struggling learners.  We also had a suggestion by our math specialist to bump ahead and teach temperature (our standards say the students need to read the thermometer to the nearest 10).  Makes sense, right?
Great visual for teaching rounding

I also pulled out some rounding games I'm sure my kiddos will really like I've made over the years!

I keep telling myself that one of these days, I'll be happy with the units I've created and not "tweak" (or redo) them each year!  Somehow, I just don't think that will happen! :)


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