Monday, February 10, 2014

Um....a little less Currently than usual....

I'm a little late to the party, but that's okay.  

Okay, so they're calling for a BIG STORM on Wednesday.  I have to admit, I love snow days like the kids.  However, I like mine spaced out.  We had a whole week out of school back in January!  It was insane!  Now they're calling anything from 4-10 inches of snow!  AUGH!

We're already on extended school day and any other missed days add on to the end of the year.  Also, my kids thrive on consistency.  Once they're in the routine, they do all right.  The day here, day there, delay here - it doesn't help our productivity!  January was the WORST month all year about turning work in!  We had a "put everything on top of your desk" day on Friday - it was not pretty.

So....the "wanting" - I am undecided.  I mean, I can't stop the weather, but I can hope it changes to rain?  Then again, that could be a flood day in my county!  *rolls eyes*

I am soooo loving the Olympics.  Can you tell which one is a fib?  If you looked at it and said "HOW can she NOT like the opening ceremonies?"  You're right - I didn't.  I LOVED IT!  Soooo cool!  I keep trying to find video to show my kiddos who missed it and I'm about at the point of recording it from my DVR using a video camera!

So, that's me in a nut shell right now.  Loving the Olympics, doing several themed activities in class (including a medal count by continent - geography and math together, gotta love it!).  Getting ready to start my Polar Unit (my fave!).

So, sitting in grade level meeting today and looking over our resources for abbreviations....threw out some nasty looking worksheets, you know the ones - you kept them because it's what you had, but they look so dry and boring!  Last year, I made 3 different activities for abbreviations.  Recently, I've been into the "write the room" activities (I had always thought they were too low for my 2nd graders - duh!).  Looked for one in abbreviations.  Couldn't find one.  So, I made one!

Thought it was cute and I'd tie in with the kids that abbreviations are like the Transformers - they can "change" they way they look.  Or, like a super hero, it's like a "secret identity."  You get the picture!

So, please check it out!  I hope you enjoy it!  I added some female super heroes in for my girls, although they'll just enjoy getting up and moving around like my boys!

Thanks for checking out my blog and following me - I have added another "freebie" if you'd like to check it out! :)  Click on the pic below! 

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Easy Teaching Tools said...

You poor things will all of your snow. I feel bad, I'm in sunny California where we're still wearing flip flops. Hope the weather changes so you can get back to your kiddos!

Samantha Maldonado said...

Orlando, FL here... so envious of the snow! I could use a snow day or two... or 5 lol. Sorry to say I'm not really into the Olympics, I should, it would be the patriotic thing to do to root for our USA athletes, but I don't watch much tv and no DVR to catch up with later.

Have a wonderful day!

Samantha @

Jamie knefely said...

I am in Louisiana and wish we could get a few snow days too!! I happen to stumble across your blog and am happy to report that I am your newest follower. I also teach second grade and love it. I would love for you to check out my blog if you get a chance. I can't wait to read more post.


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