Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time and Money Review

If there's one thing Math Investigations does NOT cover well, it's time and money.  Last year, I did a whole separate unit on those two subjects, because I was worried about waiting until the end of the year to combine it with Unit 9 Measurement. 

Well, with our snow days this year (we're out again on Wednesday), I'm worried that we may not even have time for that!  So, I created two centers that dealt with time and money. 

I have a mix of students in my class, from students with special needs, ESL students, students who are on grade level, and advanced students.  Everything I make, I try to create a variety so that a student isn't frustrated nor bored.

So, today, I decided to create "clip cards" after seeing something similar on Pinterest that was definitely higher than 2nd grade!  If I'm not too busy copying and laminating everything tomorrow :) I might create one for sentences and punctuation!  (Also, I have "homophones" on the to do list since some of my students still think these are rhyming words!).

I thought they turned out pretty well.  I mean, I have to do something to support my clip art habit, right? ;)

Click on the pics below to take you to Teachers Pay Teachers or if you're a Teachers Notebook kinda person, click {here} for Time and {here} for Money.


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