Sunday, January 12, 2014

Google Fail? Freebie Alert!

Okay, now that I have your attention :)

So, I have a Ukrainian student who was adopted by one of my family's this Fall and he started after Thanksgiving.  Love him - great personality, loves to learn and explore new things!  However, I never realized the huge difference between his language and ours!  Watching a video about their number and alphabet system, I have the utmost sympathy and admiration in his and his brothers' acquisition of our language!  Have you ever tried to pronounce it?  It gives my student giggles since I cannot wrap my tongue around some of the words he tries to teach me!

Orally, he's really picking up English fast.  However, during our Writing time, after my other students are busy with a prompt or activity, I pull him aside and work with letters and numbers.  He's more interested in math and numbers right now (I can imagine it's a little less intimidating), so we've made our way through the teens and are ready to keep moving.

I had this great set of trace and write and count numbers from (love that site!), but I couldn't find any sets above 20!  That's where the Google fail (gasp) comes in.  Don't get me wrong.  LOVE Google!  How did we survive without it?  However, after an image search, as well as several ESL sites, I couldn't find what I needed.  Boo hiss

So, spent most of the afternoon creating my own set!  I'd rather keep the consistency with him with what we've been doing already and didn't simply want a tracing sheet.

So, 35 pages (and many hours) later, it's done.  Whew!  I am sharing it as a FREEBIE since I figured 1) I hadn't posted a freebie for awhile and 2) not sure how many more will get a use out of it besides my student!  (However, I do have some other students who might benefit from it).

So, here it on the title pic below to go to TpT or for Teacher's Notebook click {here}.

So, a quick update:  my student LOVES these pages!  He didn't want to stop and kept asking for "more".  So cute. :)  I decided to link this up to Freebie Fridays so I can share this with others with struggling students!

Freebie Fridays


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