Monday, July 29, 2013

Random Thoughts On a Sunday Night

It's been a busy week filled with meetings, traveling, meeting new friends, and spending time with family.  I'm a little on the exhausted side, so excuse me if I ramble a bit! :)

First off, I've been selected to be part of a technology curriculum team, and we worked 4 days on integrating history/writing with technology - but not just "using" technology.  I think so many of us think "oh, our kids use technology all the time!"  Mine have access to iPod Touches, laptops, websites, listening centers, etc.  However, it wasn't the focus of our meeting.  No, we needed to focus on things that students can CREATE using technology.  A bit different!

What we decided to do, though, was to use one per grade level for one project (no need to freak everyone out) and we came up with a project, directions, rubric, and sample for each one.  K and 1 are "introductions" to Powerpoint and Timeliner (software program).  More of a template type thing.  They will revisit those in 4th and 5th and have more independent projects.  Third, they are creating projects with Publisher.  For second, we are actually using a site called "StoryJumper" where students create stories/books (and parents could purchase them if they wanted!). 

Tuesday (yes, I'm only up to Tuesday), I got to meet with my team and my new principal!  She's kind of an "old principal" to me since she was my son's principal at his middle school (I teach in one county and we live in a neighboring one).  I loved her as a parent, and I've got good vibes as a teacher! We also got our class lists, and I am once again doing the collab. kids, which is cool.  I think having the "insider" info on being a parent of a child with an IEP has a huge advantage!

Wednesday, I got to work in my room!  Woo hoo!  I have posted some photos of that on Instagram, and still have some more to post!

I loved this idea on Pinterest - having a black bulletin board paper above the board to make things "stand out," and decided to do it!  It looks great. It should, really.  Long story short - I was trying to "save" my walls and use a "friendly" type of sticky device, but after an hour of fighting falling border - I resorted back to my ol' friend, purple duct tape (somehow, the solid colors stick so much better!).  I plan on putting my rules up there for Whole Brain Teaching, as well as some of the phrases.

Thursday, I went to northern Virginia with my daughter and best friend to the VA Blogger Meet Up.  Fun times!  I got to connect and meet with so many bloggers!  There were prizes and a big surprise - gifts from Heidi from "Heidisongs" (who I had never heard before, but after listening to the CD on the way home, LOVE her little songs about different word families and vowel digraphs!).  Our host, over at Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten, has a giveaway going on where you can win one, too.  Make sure you stop by! Thanks so much for Heidi for doing this (and Karen and Kelly)! :)

 It was a great time, filled with shopping at Potomac Mills and ending up with a trip to IKEA (love those meatballs!).  I was fine, until I hit the end of the 2nd floor with all the kids stuff.  I now so totally want to redo my daughter's room!  My husband was not amused when I called and suggested that!  I was good, though, and came home with a pillow.  I justified the fact that I wasn't redoing our kitchen, my daughter's room, or our living room as justification!

This weekend, I met up with my parents and my sister and her family in Williamsburg and we did a family day at Busch Gardens.  Fun times!  This is my daughter and niece on one of the rides!

When I got home (after a nap), my husband "suggested" that I go to Walmart and get groceries while he spent time with the kids.  Doesn't he know I just can't stick to the list after 13 years of marriage????  Anyhow, I found a saddle stapler for $13 on clearance, a few other things on clearance, and I would post pics......but they're currently "hiding" in my car until I get into my room tomorrow. 

I also found some dry erase pockets on a side trip to Target and am so excited that I can share these with my secret pal, who I know has been upset she can't find any!  Gotta get that package out this week!

It's nice to know that other than Tuesday, things are settling down this coming week.  Good thing - last full week before teachers go back!  Yikes! Where DID this summer go??????


Melissa said...

So sad I didn't make it to the get-together, but it looks like you ladies had fun! I can't believe you're going back so soon. I think we still have 3 weeks before teachers report back. Enjoy this week!

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Allison Zoie said...

So miserable I didn't make it to the get-together, yet it would appear that you women had some good times! I can't accept you're backpedaling so soon. I suppose we still have 3 weeks before educators report back. Delight in without much fanfare! top crowdfunding sites

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