Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Celebrations and the Button Blues

So, first the exciting news - I am taking part in several freebies over the next couple weeks, helping other bloggers celebrate milestones, as well as getting together a freebie for a blog hop!  Not to mention - the VA bloggers meet up is next Thursday! :)  Can't wait!  (please see my earlier post for more information on that!).

Now, for the not so great news, or rather, the "frustration."  :(  So, I've been wanting to do a button.  One that matches my blog header.  I mean, they look so nice and big when I link up places.  However, mine seems to be small AND I can't get the HTML text to appear below.  Box yes, text no. :(

I found a super easy tutorial from Oikology 101 via Google search.  Granted, it was written in 2008, so things might have changed since then, BUT since it seems everything else worked okay....anywho, if you can help me out and figure out WHY this text isn't appearing - or if you have a link with someone else's tutorial (newer version?) AND it's easy to follow (my brain is on summer mode, mind you!), please help out!  Till then, I guess it's going to look a little silly unless the blogger fairy wants to come by and wave its wand and have it work!

But, so not to end this on a "down note", be sure to check out Frogs & Cupcakes Facebook page for a 1,000 follower celebration!  I was so excited to be able to offer a "flash freebie" to help her celebrate!  Each day will be something different!  Be sure to check on Saturday to see which item in my TPT store is the "flash freebie"!  (Hint:  Think back to school!).
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Sarah said...

Mrs. Youel, I have used this tutorial {} in the past and am currently working on a new button.

Hope it helps!
Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

Mrs. Youel said...

Thanks! I will definitely check it out!!!

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