Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Word Study Trouble: Affricates

If you even know the word "affricates," then your school must do word study as well (instead of the traditional spelling lessons).  This is an area that is small, but oh so important to students!  I have a small group of students who just can't seem to move past this feature!

They can sort their word cards, they can sort picture cards....but when it comes to writing them correctly on a test or in their everyday writing - that's a whole other story!

Soooo....first I went looking for help, google-style.  Then I went for help (wallet in hand) to the teacher stores.

Turns out there's not much out there, other than the sorts I've used over and over and some helpful hints.  

To the drawing board, er, computer (Publisher)!

I realized it might give students a good opportunity not only to do some picture sorting, but also to give students a chance to match words ABOUT the picture and give them a choice (for example:  drum, jrum) with common mistakes I see my students make.

Then, there are two follow up sheets:  one they have to choose the correct spelling and another where they have to write the word....and you can always adjust it, depending on the student level, where they just have to write the beginning sound (dr, ch, j, or tr).

Please let me know what you think!  I haven't tried it yet with my kiddos, but wanted to see what your opinion was!  I might do the same with some other confusing features.  I've provided a link {here} so you can view it closer (it's in Adobe/Google Drive). 

I'm going to see if it's "kid worthy" then make a few more sets and probably throw it up at the teacher's store, but for now, it's a freebie available only thru the blog.  

Thanks for any feedback you'd like to give - it's much appreciated!!!!  


scillafree70 said...

I was browsing the Web and found your blog, that has some of the things for a game I'm doing with a focus student. Will let you know how this turns out!!

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