Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currently....There's a Lotta Linkies Going On!

So, a lot of linkys going on in the teacher blog world! (Be sure to read all 4 in this post!).

First up, Currently....linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!
Okay, so most of this is self-explanatory....we've had several snow days and two hour delay days recently.  Don't get me wrong - LOVE snow days!  Of course, I never get done quite as much as I want to.  However, I like them a little more spaced out, and when they don't involve rescheduling testing 3 different times!  Argh!

As for the generic girl scout cookies - they're only available once/year, right?  Yeah, well, Walmart has two and the peanut butter patties...available year round in their store.  I know, don't go there, right?  It's all because I made a trip to Walmart this morning.  Blame it on that! :)

Okay, well on to linky #2
There's a "14 Days Of Love Freebie" linky where you can go and get 14 different per day....that has already been preset.  Click on the picture below to take you there!  Gotta love freebies!!!!!

Linky #3:  100 Days of School!  Link up and share how you celebrated (or will celebrate) your 100 days!  Please see my previous post {here} to see what we did!  (Including a cute shirt design!).


Just wanted to share another one of my fave Superbowl commercials...I've had fun "reliving" a few before the big game!



Confessions of a Teaching Junkie said...

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Julie Pieprzyk said...

I didn't know Walmart had those kind of cookies. Thin Mints are my favorites, so I will have to find them! Oh, and I am your newest follower, too.

My Journey to 5th Grade

Cheryl said...

So far the only threat of ice/snow day ended up being a Friday afternoon, so we don't have to do a make up. Boo to rescheduling the testing!
Have a great weekend!

Beth Ann Kempf said...

I love snow days too when they are a surprise and don't mess up anything. Sorry you have to reschedule. YUCK!
❀Beth Ann❀
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Mrs. J said...

So far we have had NO two hour delays (we rarely get snow days in SC). We had one scare, but it didn't pan out at all! *sniff*. But with the crazy weather we've had here (78 on Wednesday but 44 on Thursday) I'm afraid we'll be getting a BIG snow in March. We shall see!

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Hilary Gard said...

Funny, I am listening to my boys play bad piggies! I found your blog through the currently! I am a new follower!
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