Friday, July 22, 2016

It's a SUPER Day in the Library!

We had our Superhero/Supervillain Day in the Library this week!  There are so many movies and TV shows now related to "supers" that I thought it would be fun to celebrate both sides!  That, and I had a superhero day last year which was pretty successful, but didn't want to repeat too much.  Well, next week is a repeat - Minecraft - but that's by popular demand!

I just can't believe how fast the summer is going by!  We got our teacher back to school letters yesterday!  Yikes!  Our teachers report back August 1 and kids start August 10.  As I told one person, it's not that I dread teaching or the kids coming back, it's the getting up at 6am every day!  I am NOT a morning person!!!!  I hope you enjoy the pics!  Most of my ideas came from Pinterest, of course!  It was nice, though, that most of what I used are things I had around anyway - electrical tape for the "laser maze", hoops for the obstacle course, the "Disk Drop" game and the bean bag toss...the kids really enjoyed themselves! I think the top two were the Super Strength, Agility, and Obstacle Course!


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