Sunday, March 6, 2016

Women's History Month

I had the great idea to do a scavenger hunt with my students for women's history month - so great of an idea, apparently I did it last year as well!  So, I made sure NOT to duplicate the women chosen from last year and instead, highlighted 20 new women!  It really helped that Educlips offered a women's history bundle in her store which I grabbed!  I have a small women's history book display in the library, but I'm determined to not let it slide by like last year!

I'm so excited by my selections this year!  I love teaching students about REAL people - between Black History Month in February and Women's History Month in March!  I'm excited that I am not just sticking with American women.  I really have stressed diversity this year and honestly, looking at some of our Presidential candidates, it scares me diversity is not a big issue with them!'s up to the educators to teach our young ones that diversity is AWESOME!

Here are some of the women I'm highlighting this month, and the books I'm using:

Brad Meltzer's series:  " Ordinary People Change the World", we're highlighting Lucille Ball and Amelia Earhart. (I LOVE this series and can't wait for more!!!!!)
Image result for brad meltzer children's books  Image result for brad meltzer children's books

I fear his Jane Goodall book won't come out in time, so I'm also using:  Me....Jane by Patrick McDonnell
Image result for me...jane

Dear Malala, We Stand with You by Rosemary McCarney with Plan International
Image result for dear malala, we stand with you

Irena Sendler and the Children of the Warsaw Ghetto by Susan Goldman Rubin
Image result for irena sendler and the children of the warsaw ghetto
and Queen of the Falls by Chris Van Allsburg
Image result for queen of the falls by chris van allsburg

I love highlighting these different women - some known, others not so known, and introducing them to students!  Then, add on a scavenger hunt with other women and students are really into the biographies and reading more!

Last year, I created "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice" which highlighted 16 women

This year, I have a second scavenger hunt I'll put out for the third week of March (because that last week is spring break!) that features 20 NEW women to learn about!

If you're interested in either, you can click on the pictures for TPT and {here} for Teacher's Notebook.


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