Friday, March 4, 2016

Read Across America Week....Pt 2

Whew!  While I love the enthusiasm of the students and providing them with a fun "Seussy Makerspace" this week, it has been exhausting!  Between untangling fishing lines from our "One Fish, Two Fish" station or just handling 300 some kids in the library for our "Seuss Parade" on Wednesday, it has been a busy week!

So, I thought I would share pictures!  Of course, I didn't remember until Thursday to take pictures of each of the stations, but hopefully you will get the idea!

I made little signs for each station using some cute frames I had picked up at Michaels on clearance a few years back. They come in handy, but I wish I had picked up more than 6!

On Wednesday, students dressed up as their favorite Seuss character and we had a parade around the school so they could show off their costumes!

Make a Cat in the Hat station

Draw a favorite Seuss character

I pulled Seuss books from the shelves for students to access easier for checkout, and also found some free apps that read Seuss stories!  I locked the app in so I didn't have to worry about students straying into other apps!

One fish, Two Fish:  had great fun fishing from the pond, but boy, I think I only had 1 class that didn't tangle the fishing lines!

The photo booth:  students and teachers alike loved this station!  I let my 2-5th graders take their own pictures, but I went ahead and rotated around stations with K and 1 so I could take their pics!  This was a BIG hit!  I think I'm going to do it again, maybe for Children's Book Week in May, and create props of favorite book characters!

So, that was a peek at my week!  I got to announce our 3 winners today for estimating the goldfish and they were so excited!  We're also participating in the "IditaREAD" as well.  Can't wait til tomorrow for the start! :)


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