Monday, September 7, 2015

I Can Statements

It seems like every couple of years, "they" want us to change how we write our objectives.  We all know who "they" are - central office, administration, newest studies, etc.  So, in my teaching career I've gone from "The student will" to "We will" to "I will" to now, "I can."  The verbs of course have stayed the same and I'm sure you too have that hierarchy of Blooms verbs and "higher level thinking."

So, how does that translate to the library?  Well, it's like the ExCELL program we're participating in now, which I'm sure I forgot a hyphen or capital letter - my apologies but I'm too lazy to look it up! :)  (That will be another post, another day).  Well, I was a little stumped because, with my first year down in the library, I felt I had a clearer vision of what I wanted to teach students.  However, I was stuck for statements somehow.  I went to my friend, Google, and looked at some examples.  I found a fantastic source that incorporated technology - so excited!  I printed and laminated....and then I looked at them.  Should've done that first, mind you.  There was no way my students would be able to see those as "friendly objectives" because for some of them, I wasn't even sure how to explain what the goal was!

So, lesson learned, take two.  I stumbled across a few more examples written in friendlier terms and began typing.  It took me almost a week after my other resource teachers, but I finally had mine up (and looking right pretty, I must say!).  So, since I chose a little here and there from other librarians, I don't feel right "charging" for these statements.  I will probably add and delete as I go on.  I do want to offer them to you, though, because it was frustrating to figure out what I needed!  I hope you're able to use them.

I color coordinated each grade level, but once I went to post them, realized I didn't have enough room to post each grade, so some that were "repeated" (i.e. "I can follow directions given by my teacher.") I just posted once.  I hope you can use them!  Check them out on Google Docs using the link {here}.


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