Saturday, February 7, 2015

Discover the Room: A Black History Month Activity

First of all, I am a complete sucker for anything Educlips produces.  I'm surprised I don't have her whole collection!  She is an amazing clip artist (?) and comes up with some of the neatest ideas!  So, when I saw her items for Black History Month, I decided I need to buy them and come up with something!

Being in the library, it's nice that I can kind of pick and choose my lessons.  (Notice the "kind of" in there!).  For the month of February, I am focusing 4th and 5th grade on African-American history and so far, they have really enjoyed it!  This past week, we focused on segregation and read about the Greensboro Sit Ins (4th) and desegregation of schools (5th).  Here are some excellent books I used from our library:

So, tie that in with the clip art I purchased, and I came up with a "Discover the Room" activity.  I use Write the Room/Count the Room with my Kinders-Second Graders.  This was a nice "older" version I plan to use first with my 4th and 5th graders, but might also invite second and third to use as well (we're finishing up Virginia Readers Choice, so we'll be doing some of the Black History Month in about another week).

In the packet, besides the cards, I added a recording sheet as well as bookmarks where students write down 3 facts about a chosen person from the cards.  I thought that might be a fun culmination to our studies at the end of the month!    If you'd like to see more, click on the pictures above to take you to TPT or {here} for Teacher's Notebook.


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