Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Currently, Library Helpers, and Thoughts of Snow....

First up - Currently!  I haven't taken the time to do this the last couple of months so while my daughter's at OM (and I have high speed Internet!) I figured it was time for me to get back into the swing of things!

Meet Thor:  we got him as a companion for our beagle.  Seriously.  Our other beagle passed away last winter and poor Molly's been so lonely.  So, we took her to our local animal control after seeing this handsome fella on their Facebook page and they tolerated each other nicely.  Granted, sometimes Thor gets a little too nosy and Molly gives a growl as a warning.  Funny thing - this dog that our beagle can walk UNDER will listen to her and back off good naturedly. :)  He is such a gentle giant and has captured our hearts, especially my son's!

As for the big snow - don't hate me - but we've been losing out here in central VA!  Our ONE snow day this year was for maybe 2 inches that was gone by the next day.  Everywhere north has been getting slammed....please send some our way!  One good snow before the end of winter (preferably before March!).

Ruler of Books - hah hah, so obvious with my position this year!  I've been getting good feedback from teachers and students about library, which makes me happy :)  So far, no one dreads coming!  I started the year with so many ideas in my head that I finally had to tell myself that some would have to wait until the summer or next year to implement!  One that I don't need to wait any longer on is my library helpers.  I've opened it up to 4th and 5th grade (with 3rd coming in as soon as I feel my older kids are comfortable with their role) and it's been a great success!  Granted, they LOVE checking books in and out on the computer, but I have them also helping shelve books, straighten up the library, and do other clerical tasks that take so much time out of our day!  I haven't had a huge gap of time open up, mind you, but it's been nice to have help!  It's just me and a few parent volunteers during the week so it's nice to have the kids help.  Plus, it gives them a sense of pride and responsibility!

So after looking at samples online of what different libraries have used, I finally came up with my own form and, after much thought, a daily checklist.  I have my library helpers from 7:50-8:30 each day (my first group is special needs at 8:45).  The students help one day during the week (although some want to help more!).  The application and checklist is a freebie I've uploaded to my stores.  You can click {here} to take you to TpT or {here} for Teacher's Notebook.  I hope you can find use for it! :)


Brynn Allison said...

First, I love your blog name! Second, I'm super jealous of your librarian position. I am thinking about getting additional certifications and Library Science would definitely be one of them. Good luck with your helpers!

Brynn Allison
The Literary Maven

Melissa said...

We TOTALLY need a good snow in Central VA!! The snow drought is driving me crazy. When y'all got 2 inches, we seemed to be the only area in Richmond that completely missed out. I literally had enough snow on my car to clean off with a duster. It was depressing. Just one good snow. Please!!

Okay, now that I'm done ranting, how cute that you got a Great Dane! They really do need the companions, especially after losing one. And I'm glad to hear that your new position is working out so well!

Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

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