Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pete the Cat and a Beard Had a Scarecrow?

Now, wouldn't that look funny?  However, it's just several activities I wanted to share with you that my PreKinders and Kinders have done in the past months.

We did a Pete the Cat study for Kindergarten.  It was a lot of fun and of course it was "all good."  I love Pete so much!  What a great role model for kids.  I had to get 2 copies of his new book, Pete the Cat and the New Guy, from our book fair to add to our collection! 

Our kinders start the year with a Pete hunt, using the Rocking In My School Shoes book.  It's such a fun way to learn the places around the school, I didn't even touch that book!  However, it gave a nice introduction to Pete that I built on.  Click on the images below to see more of our Pete activities. 

Pete and his sunglasses, we focused on emotions and how each character felt (and how we sometimes feel!).

For Pete and his white shoes, we focused on counting and colors (of course!), with a heavy focus on color sight words.

Pete and his four groovy buttons, we focused on the primary colors, identifying them, and counting buttons.

I also included all these, including future Pete book plans, in a bundle, or you can buy them individually.  I'll continue to add to that bundle, so all you'll have to do is to re-download it when I add something new! :)

Beards and scarecrows - haven't quite gotten to that, have I?  With my special needs Pre-K, it's all about coordination as well as identification of colors.  Work in two perfect books and we have ourselves some winners!  Grab some clothespins and identify colors with Si and dress a scarecrow for Fall!  Click on the pictures for more information.


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